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FX Transaction Cost Analysis

FX Transaction Cost Analysis is hot topic that has been getting extensive coverage in the press. We have organized some of the key stories for our clients to remain aware of how failing to take a proactive approach in understanding and dealing with associated fees can lead to major headache.

Insight into Spread Income

Spread income is the revenue model of any FX trading counterparty, and since FX spreads are not regulated, they are subject to manipulation. Klarity’s research has demonstrated how buy-side participants in North America tend to pay excessive fees. In particular, a study we conducted that was published by Dow Jones (2008) showed that nearly three-quarters of all trades... Read more

Why Conduct FX TCA?

FX pricing is a hot topic among pension funds, and recent high profile cases have brought to light that even some of the largest public pension funds in the U.S. have been susceptible to poor FX execution. Several states are stepping up probes into whether banks have been overcharging public pension funds in converting currencies for securities trades. Officials in Florida... Read more

What do the Regulators say about FX TCA?

The FX market trades $4 trillion every day, but is not regulated by any government agency. In the absence of a global regulating body, some agencies have attempted to lend their weight. Regulatory requirements driven by the US Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) rule require “best execution” under which investment professionals must seek the best transaction terms... Read more

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